Ad contracts hit $11.4M; fall time selling fast

The News: GOP Senate candidate Cory Gardner hits the airwaves June 10 through the end of the month with a $314,165 buy at the five Denver TV stations. The ad “Big City,” seen above, promises to “shake up the Senate.” The Senate race is clearly the focus as the National Republican Senatorial Committee tops all buyers with $1.7 million in ads scheduled for the fall. Meanwhile, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is countering with $1.25 million in ads favoring Democratic incumbent Sen. Mark Udall (with KMGH yet to report contracts with that group).

Totals: TV advertising contracts now top $11.4 million at the five Denver TV stations, with $5.8 million of that scheduled for September through Nov. 4 election day. That’s 91.4 hours of political ad viewing. And remember, this doesn’t include cable or satellite advertising — they don’t have to report ads to the Federal Communications Commission. On July 1, all stations regulated by the FCC must begin filing ad documents online, then the totals should go up even more.

Fun fact: The DSCC is paying $50,000 for a 30-second spot on KDVR’s Oct. 5 Denver Broncos game. Typically, KDVR charges lower rates than KCNC, KUSA and KMGH, but this is the most expensive single ad thus far. Here’s a look at the ads by station:

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