Another Koch group hits Udall

The News: Generation Opportunity, part of the Koch brothers’ network of political nonprofits, hits the air with ads targeting Democratic U.S. Sen. Mark Udall in his race against Republican Rep. Cory Gardner. Generation Opportunity is a group aimed at millennials. Other Koch-supported groups advertising in the Senate race include Americans For Prosperity, American Energy Alliance, Freedom Partners and probably that huge ad buy listed below as “unknown.” Jacob Fenton of Sunlight Foundation wrote last week about that KMGH buy that the station pulled. Here’s a look at the top advertisers (note: apparently there are some Datawrapper issues today; hope the charts appear soon!):

The totals: The other big buyer last week is Senate Majority PAC, putting Democratic advertisers into the lead. Both Senate Majority PAC and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee have made heavy buys for the fall, including more than $651,000 at several stations by Senate Majority PAC in the final week of the campaign. Totals for six Denver stations this week top $17 million and 131.6 hours of advertising. Those totals don’t include cable or satellite television, which don’t have to report to the Federal Communications Commission. Starting Tuesday, all traditional stations will have to file with the FCC, however, providing a look at ad buys in Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Grand Junction. Here’s a look at advertisers by affiliation:

Tip of the week: Check out the Greenhouse plug-in for your browser! It’ll let you hover over a politician’s name in this post and see where their campaign cash is coming from.

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