Republicans buy up Denver post-primary ad time

Totals: The five Denver TV stations now have contracts for $8 million for 8,460 spots, or about 70 hours of viewing time, and Republican interests appear to be in the lead. These totals are likely low. KMGH, for instance, hasn’t filed any ad buys for Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, who has scheduled fall ad time at other stations. Cable companies don’t have to file ad buys with the FCC, and smaller network affiliates don’t have to file until July 1. Here’s a breakdown by affiliation:

The latest buys: As mentioned last week, Crossroads GPS will be hitting the air after the June 24 primary, likely taking shots at Democratic Sen. Mark Udall. And the National Republican Senatorial Campaign is buying up time in the fall to support Udall’s challenger, U.S. Rep. Cory Gardner. Meanwhile, unaffiliated U.S. Senate candidate Steve Shogan is spending the big bucks (for him, that’s $9,000) on two ads during the Stanley Cup Playoffs and two during the Belmont Stakes. Here’s a look at the ad buyers:

Buying up the fall: More than $3 million of the ads (including the unidentified buy at KMGH) are slated to run between Sept. 1 and Election Day on Nov. 4. KDVR gets a big boost starting in August when the Denver Broncos start exhibition play – Crossroads will pay $8,550 for a 30 second spot during the games.

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