Where’s that 527 money coming from?

The last campaign finance reports before the June 24 primary are due today, so here’s a running tally of details on three groups active in the four-way GOP governor’s race.

The 527s, an IRS nonprofit designation, act independently of candidate campaigns or political parties. In Colorado, they must file disclosures of donors and spending with the Secretary of State.

Republicans Who Want to Win: They’ve been supporting Bob Beauprez, the former congressman, 2006 gubernatorial candidate and “establishment” candidate. Their report lists $20,000 from Louis Hutchison, CEO with Apokalyyis Inc., and $10,000 from real estate developer Walter Koelbel The group has spent only $8,411 on online advertisements supporting Beauprez, and has $21,589 available to spend.

Make Colorado Great Again: UPDATE: Marilyn Ware donated another $50,000, while Sharon Harper of Peoria, Ariz., put in $12,500 and Mel Sembler of St. Petersburg, Fla., put in $10,000, for a total of $72,500 raised in the last two weeks.  As previously reported, this group is funded by former ambassador Marilyn Ware ($50K) and former U.S. Sen. Bill Armstrong ($30K). This group has spent almost $150,000, mostly on robocalls and radio ads supporting former Senate minority leader Mike Kopp (and, some would say, criticizing former congressman and 2010 second-place gov finisher Tom Tancredo).

Protect Colorado Values: UPDATE: The Democratic Governors Association is the biggest donor, putting in $360,000. America Votes, another liberal group, put in $125,000, while the Colorado Education Association and Coloradans for Civil Justice each kicked in $10,000. The group spent more than $338,000 of its total $500,000 on TV ads and mailers. As previously reported, Protect Colorado Values is run by Democratic operatives and has spent almost $191,000 on ads at three Denver TV stations (and probably more than that). One ad paints Beauprez as a flip-flopper, while another calls Tancredo “too conservative,” a label some say is aimed at making Tanc the nominee to face Democratic incumbent Gov. John Hickenlooper. Again, waiting for this group’s reports.

One observation on all this outside spending: None of it is aimed at the fourth candidate, Secretary of State Scott Gessler, which seems to indicate little support for him in next week’s race.

Check back for updates.

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