Beauprez’s tab: $527K and counting

Bob Beauprez won the GOP gubernatorial nomination by spending the most and coming in third in fundraising by loaning his campaign $527,000.

He now faces Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, who has raised almost $3.2 million and has at least $755,565 in fall advertising scheduled just in Denver.

Tuesday’s filing deadline with the Secretary of State offers a final look at the four-way GOP primary, as well as a look ahead to the fall statewide contests.

Here’s a look at the fundraising for the last two weeks before the primary, as well as candidates’ cash in the bank on June 25. What doesn’t show up here: Secretary of State Scott Gessler loaned his campaign $13,433 during the last couple of weeks, repaid $2,000 of that and finishes in the red.

And here’s a look at fundraising and spending totals for the governor’s race. Tom Tancredo, the second place finisher, raised the most among the Republicans and finished second in spending to Beauprez. And Beauprez, who didn’t get into the race until early March, raised about $72,500 more than last-place finisher Mike Kopp:

Questions for the general election include whether business interests who’ve donated to Hickenlooper will also give to Beauprez and whether Beauprez will put more money into the race to keep pace with Hickenlooper.

Finally, here’s a chart of fundraising for all statewide offices.

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