I’m @fishnette, aka Sandra Fish, an independent journalist experienced in reporting and editing, with an emphasis on politics, government and data analysis.

#COPolitics is my 2014 effort to write about Colorado political trends and data, as well as present some of that data for Coloradans to explore. Starting off the new year as a bit of an experiment, it’s likely this site will evolve over time, either gradually or rapidly.

Part of the reasoning behind this site is that well-informed citizens are wiser voters. To that extent, #COPolitics will provide basic information such as which candidates are running for office in 2014 and where to find them online, as well as Twitter feeds for those candidates and relevant hashtags.

I’ll also do periodic charts and analysis of topics such as campaign spending, campaign contributions, legislative success and more.

Much of what passes for political  information these days – TV commercials, fliers, robocalls – is paid for by politicians or even interests outside the control of those politicians. Ultimately, I’d like to connect the dots for Coloradans – who paid for that flier, where did their money come from, who were the consultants behind the message and is the message accurate?

Ideas, suggestions and requests are welcome – including business plan ideas!

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